Don't ask if you can afford Solar. Let us show you that you can.

Why Choose Solar?

Do you pay an electric bill?

If you pay an electric bill than you can afford solar. Take the money that you are using to pay your electric bill and use it for solar, and have extra for savings

Easy 6 Step Process To Solar

  1. Obtain your usage from utility.
  2. Design custom system to fit your house and usage.
  3. Meeting with Energy Consultant to go over your quote and see your savings.
  4. Paperwork.
  5. Install System.
  6. Enjoy your savings.

Savings, Savings and Savings

How do you save with Grid-Tie Solar? With our current solar programs you take the money you where using to pay your electric bill and invest it in your solar system. In most cases your monthly payments drop leaving extra to put into savings. Once your program has run its term the savings increase.

Positive Solar


What We Do

At Positive Solar our main focus is to save you money with grid-tie Solar. That's not all we do. We install off-grid systems. We repair solar systems of all types. 


More of What We Do

Roof mounts are the most cost effective installations. Sometimes you don't have enough room on your roof, while its not as cost effective we have options. We can build you a custom ground mount. Don't want to give up space on your property? We can build a custom raised ground mount that can be used as a carport or a backyard pagoda.



We warranty all installs from top to bottom for 2-years. The inverters we use have a 10-year warranty that can be extended to 20. The panels have a 12-year workmanship warranty and a 25-year production.

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Current Customer Systems

10KW South Facing Snowflake

8KW East West Facing Snowflake

18.5KW Roof mount and carport

Future Customer

Future Customer


Future Customer